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All Investors Have the Same Goal...

To Achieve and Maintain 
Financial Independence.

Investment Education

The #1 contributing factor to financial independence is the ability to achieve compounded growth.  

Compounding requires 3 points of emphasis: 

  • Participating in market advances

  • Limiting portfolio declines

  • Shortening the time between new portfolio highs. 

The Institute's growing video library is designed to help investors learn what drives the markets, what is the most appropriate benchmark, and how to adapt your portfolio for any market environment- bull or bear. 

Adult Education Course

Video Topics

  • Why Do We Invest?

  • What is Stock Market Volatility?

  • The Markets and the News

  • Adaptive Portfolio Strategy

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Financial Analyst


Wealth Management Benchmark

Your Objectives.
Your Goals.

  • Net Worth & Cash Management

  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Estate & Legacy

  • Income Protection

Financial Planning

Investing in markets is all about systems.  

Financial Planning is about what you want. 

How do you determine where you are at versus where you want to be? How do you benchmark if you are on track to your own vision of financial independence?

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Our Work with Financial Advisors

The Canterbury Institute specializes in training financial advisors across the country on how to better grow their practice, tell a different story, and retain their clients.

We believe in creating a win-win relationship between advisors and their clients.  In today's investment landscape, financial advisors face many challenges. 

Learn more about the challenges advisors are facing, and how to address those challenges head-on. 

Female Lecturer

"Advisors must learn to Adapt to new challenges, or Risk being eliminated like Dinosaurs."

Grow your Practice.
Tell Better Stories.
Retain more Clients.

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About the Institute

The Canterbury Institute for Adaptive Portfolio Management recognizes the value of both academic and practical education.  The mission of the Canterbury Institute is to educate and inform the general public, as well as financial professionals, on the principles of Adaptive Portfolio Management.  At the Canterbury Institute, we question all beliefs, theories, and assumptions that have been widely accepted in investment management methodologies practiced over the last forty plus years.

Our Institute team has accumulated years of experience and training working with both retail investors and financial advisors.  Our instructors are well-published, thought leaders throughout the investment management industry and have been featured on various media outlets such as ETF Trends, Nasdaq, and Financial Advisor Magazine.

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Contact Us




23 E Cedar Street

Zionsville, IN 46077

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