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Innovations in Investing (3:45)

Tom Hardin discusses the several advancements in technology that we have seen in investing, as well as the need for an evolution for how we put those innovative tools into portfolio management applications

Why Do We Invest? (3:31)

Why is having an investment process important? What is the goal of investing in the first place?  Brandon Bischof, CMT, discusses the importance of compounding returns and having a systematic investment process.

The News Media and Markets (4:01)

What does the news media have to do with the stock market?  Does the news drive the markets or just create "noise"?  Why is this important to investors?

Stocks Versus Companies (3:06)

How in the world does Tesla lose billions of dollars, yet their stock price turns it into one of the largest capitalized companies?  What drives a stock price in the first place, and how is it different than a private company?

What is Volatility? (3:38)

What does it mean when you hear people talk about volatility in the markets? How can you measure volatility?  What do markets and weather have in common? 

Adaptive Portfolio Strategy (3:15)

Adaptive Portfolio Strategy is an evolution in portfolio management.  Using Basketball as an analogy, we can explain the concept of being adaptive, versus being "stuck" with traditional methods. 

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