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Wealth Management Benchmark

Serious About Your Money.

Excited About Your Life.

The Wealth Management Benchmark® is a revolutionary tool that combines financial planning with life planning. The WMB lets you evaluate your current status and decide where you want to go from there.  Unlike traditional benchmarking, the WMB measures your progress against your own benchmarks, based on your objectives and your goals. You decide what matters most and which areas, if any, require immediate professional assistance.

This assessment requires no financial statements and focuses on the issues that are important to you. 

Addresses Issues in Each of these Key Areas:

  • Net Worth and Cash Management

  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Asset and Income Protection

Update Your Benchmark
Complete tasks on your way to financial independence 

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A business meeting

You Will Be Asked:

Each area includes several issues for you to consider.  As we go through the process, you will be asked questions about each issue, and you will answer them on a scale of 1-5:


How important is it for you to address this issue?

  • 5= the issue is very important

  • 3= the issue is moderately important

  • 1= the issue is not important


What’s your present level of completeness in addressing this issue?

  • 5= you have fully completed the task

  • 4= you have nearly completed the task

  • 3= you are in the process of completing the task

  • 2= you have discussed this issue but have not begun implementation

  • 1= you have not started the task at all


What’s you timing in addressing this issue?

  • 5= the issue needs to be addressed within 1 to 3 months

  • 4= the issue needs to be addressed within 4 to 6 months

  • 3= the issue needs to be addressed within 7 months to 1 year

  • 2= the issue needs to be addressed after 1 year or has already been addressed to your satisfaction

  • 1= the issue does not need to be addressed at all

Want to Take the Assessment?

The Canterbury Institute for Adaptive Portfolio Strategy aims to serve our community by helping them take the steps to becoming, and remaining, financially independent.  

The Wealth Management Benchmark is a tool to identify what is important to you, what needs to be done, and in what order. 

The process takes about an hour, requires no financial statements, and can be done live with one of our team members at a time convenient to you. 

To take the initial Wealth Management Benchmark assessment, click the link below.

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